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Technician Training Program at OSUIT

OSU Institute of Technology offers the leading industrial and farm equipment degree program sponsored by the Western Equipment Dealers Association. The purpose of the program is to upgrade the technical competency and professional level of incoming industrial and farm equipment service technicians.

Those selected for the two-year Western Equipment Dealers Association Technician Training program at OSUIT will spend half their time on campus for technical instruction on current products and equipment learning the latest diagnostic and service procedures. The rest of the time will be spent getting real-world on-the-job training at WEDA-member dealerships.

Each year, as equipment becomes more technologically advanced, the demand for skilled technicians continues to grow. The Western Equipment Dealers Association is addressing this challenge with the Industrial and Farm Equipment Technician Program at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology.

The program trains dealership technicians who are:

  • Trained on current industrial and farm equipment
  • Trained in the latest diagnostic and servicing procedures
  • Trained with a positive attitude about the job

This program is a planned dealership personnel development program.

Program Structure

Students that enroll in the two-year, six-semester program spend approximately one-half of their time in technical and academic education at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. The remaining time is allocated for on-the -job experience at the sponsoring member dealership. This means the student spends about 7.5 weeks on campus and the next 7.5 weeks back at the dealership. It is essential for the success of the program that the students’ education at OSU Institute of Technology and dealership work experience be closely aligned for maximum student learning and retention.

Students are required to have a sponsoring Western Equipment Dealers Association member dealership prior to enrollment in the program. The internship allows students to apply, in a real-world setting, what they have learned during the previous classroom/lab sessions. In addition, students become familiar with the dealership environment, its organizational structure and the competencies that are expected of a professional service technician.

What Dealers Should Do Now

Interested association members should take action immediately to become part of the program:

  • Agree to act as a sponsoring dealership
  • Appoint an in-dealership coordinator
  • Recruit, interview and select prospective students
  • Provide dealership coordinated internship experience in accordance with the program schedule for the duration of the curriculum
  • Provide related work/learning experience that supplements the students’ most recent on-­campus education
  • Agree to pay the student during periods of dealership internships

All tuition, fees, textbooks, travel expenses and housing costs are the responsibility of the student.

How to Recruit

Dealers frequently ask where to find technician candidates. The best place to recruit is in your hometown. Participate in career days at the local high school or community college and find young people interested in pursuing a career in your hometown. You might also check with your employees, friends, and customers to see if they know someone who would be a good candidate. As you know, service technicians are highly skilled employees that are important to the growth of your dealership. Recruits need to understand this is a position of importance and display a willingness to make the investment of time and resources to develop into this career.

Program Timeline
  • NOW – Recruit Students
  • April – June – Complete Student Selection Process
  • September – Classes Begin (20 students needed for class)
Program Instructor: Terry Killman

During my 20 years in the Navy, I attended several technical schools from basic engine/hydraulics to advanced diesel engine inspection / electro-hydraulic control schools. After being stationed in several areas around the United States and overseas I ended up spending my last five years in Naval Training Center Great Lakes training new sailors just starting their Navy carriers and learning that I enjoyed teaching. After I retired from the Navy in 2004 I went to work in the beverage industry as a repair technician and later I worked at Cessna Aircraft on the Citation Mustang jet. In 2010 I decided to return to school so I used my VA benefits and started attending Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS wherein 2013 I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Vocational – Technical Education. I continued with school and received my Masters of Science in Career and Technical Education in 2015. After graduation, I worked for the State of Missouri until I was able to obtain the position here at OSUIT in May 2017.

OSU WEDA Program

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Service Technician Skills/Knowledge Test

Designed to recognize the high performing technicians in dealerships or used for evaluating prospective technicians during the hiring process, dealers have found this test to be both an efficient and cost-effective tool for evaluating current and potential employees.

The test is divided into nine sections with 10 questions in each segment: General Shop Knowledge, Tools and Safety; Engine Basics; Engine Troubleshooting/Tune Up; Power Trains/Drivelines; Electrical Principles; Electrical Circuits and Schematics; Hydraulics; Diesel Engines; and, Air Conditioning Systems. With many dealers hiring technicians from overseas, hard copies of the test are also available in French, German, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Online and On-Demand

Administered online, the test can be taken at a schedule and location that best meets your needs. Enrollment is a simple process. Dealers simply email the technician’s name, and a username and access code are emailed to the dealer principal, service manager or human resources manager. Participants complete a comprehensive online assessment by answering a series of questions based on various topics. Results are available and provide detailed insights into a participant’s expertise as well as skills gaps.

Steps to the On-Demand Web-Based Testing

  • Contact the WEDA Office at (800) 661-2452
  • Provide WEDA with the technician name(s) you are registering
  • A username and access code are emailed to the dealer contact who registered the technician(s)
  • The technician will have a maximum of two hours to complete the test
  • Test results are administered by WEDA and will be provided after the conclusion of the exam

Here’s What Dealers are Saying…

Doug Loewen, Region 1 Manager at KanEquip Inc., says, “The WEDA Ag Technician Test is an excellent way to compare applicants for an open position. The scoring results of individual disciplines allows us to identify technicians with specific skill sets and to identify the training needs of new and existing employees.”

“Young’s Equipment has been using the WEDA Ag Technician Test as part of our hiring process since it was developed and find that it is one of the best tools to determine a technician’s strengths and areas needed to coach up”, said Brent Bazin, Corporate Service Manager at Young’s Equipment. “We also used the test while hiring technicians from overseas and often found that the results were more to do with a language barrier than their understanding of the trade. This was apparent when we translated the test to German and would test first in English and then again in the native language. Most often we find it very helpful if we do not see a Red Seal Ag Journey status in an applicant’s resume as it helps us better understand what level of knowledge they do have.”

The WEDA Online Ag Technician Test is available at no charge for WEDA members. This test is a fee for service to manufacturers who are interested in having the test available for their purposes.

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