Dealer Hotline

WEDA’s Dealer Hotline provides immediate support for dealers facing a question they can’t answer. With one phone call, you’re in touch with a real person – not an automated system. After the initial call, a WEDA response team of trusted experts typically respond in 24 hours or less to address your questions about legislation, regulations or any issue that affects your business.



U.S. Dealer Hotline: 800-762-5616



Canada Dealer Hotline: 800-661-2452

Use the WEDA Dealer Hotlines to resolve your questions about:


  • Accounting
  • Sales Tax
  • Titling and Registration
  • Employee Wages and Regulations
  • Legal Requirements
  • Human Resources and Workers Compensation
  • Emerging Issues (e.g. identity theft and data security)
  • Warranty Reimbursement Issues
  • Confidential Ownership Issues (i.e. Mergers, Sale of Business)
  • Liens and Collections
  • Inventory Buyback
  • Regulatory Requirements (OSHA, EPA)

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