WEDA Partner: WorkHorse Hub

Are you hiring? Looking for a qualified employee with a passion for agriculture?

At WorkHorse, we connect the right people with the right skills to the right business.

WorkHorse Hub was created by two Saskatchewan entrepreneurial farmers because they understand that hiring skilled people in our industry is a challenge and the labour gap is increasing each year. Our vision is to change how we hire in ag. Rather than wait for employees to come to you, WorkHorse is a proactive, online solution helping make the hiring process faster and easier so you can focus on what you do best.

 What is WorkHorse?

Our innovative platform matches employees with employers so we do the pre-screening for you. It’s like for employment in the ag industry. We have a pool of qualified candidates, focused in trades, sales, business – all looking for a career in agriculture and our pool is increasing each week.

Here is a quick look at how WorkHorse can help save you time and ease the stress of hiring:
  • Benefit from our matching matrix, where we find the perfect employee based on your criteria.
  • Access all kinds of agriculture talent, whether local or global from mechanics to sales representatives.
  • HR and immigration resources at your fingertips.
  • We promote your job postings on our social media channels where we have over 26,000 followers.
  • We have a variety of subscription packages based on what works for your business.

Whether it’s seasonal or full time, WorkHorse is your one-stop source for helping you find the right employee for your business. Visit our website to learn how it works or contact Lee or Lesley to help get you started on finding your right match.

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