The Cost of Doing Business Study, published annually by WEDA, is one of the industry’s most valuable publications. The annual study is broken down by dealer type (agricultural, industrial, and outdoor power), and encompasses 14 important financial and operating ratios of North America’s equipment dealers.

This valuable study compares the financial performance of all dealers (regardless of lines or manufacturers represented). The information contained in the report is designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward, guidelines to analyze the profitability of equipment dealerships.

Why do I need it?

  • Key financial ratios – to compare your financial performance to that of all dealers (regardless of lines or manufacturers represented);
  • Industry benchmarking data – to help establish dealership goals and budgets for future years.
  • Assists in the valuation process of your businesses for estate planning, buy/sell agreements, sales, merger/consolidation purposes.

The analysis of the study is the result of the extensive review by the accounting staff of Equipment Dealer Consulting, LLC.

Equipment Dealer Consulting, LLC was founded by the WEDA as an accounting and consulting firm, with concentrations in farm, outdoor power, industrial and construction equipment business accounting.

2018 Cost of Doing Business Webinar

Order the Report

  • Equipment Dealers who submit financials – No charge.
  • Members who do not submit financial information – $275 per survey.
  • Nonmembers who do not submit financial information – $525 per survey.

How does it work?

You have two options in sending your financial information to WEDA – one is to complete the attached “template” by transferring the “numbers” from your financial statements to the “template.”  The other option is to simply send a copy of your year-end financials.

Please note that your information will be kept in strictest confidence and if you choose to not disclose your store/dealership name, that is certainly acceptable.

Please supply your most recent year-end financial statement (after prudent adjustments truly reflecting your year-end results have been made). Note: This statement may differ from your 13th-month statement.  Finally, please answer all questions on the transmittal sheet and send the transmittal sheet along with your financials. The transmittal sheet is also included in the “template” for your convenience.

Financial Statement Submission is Finished for 2018 CODB

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact your Association offices at 800-762-5616 (U.S.) or 800-661-2452 (CDN).