Cost of Doing Business Study

The 2021 CODB Study is COMING SOON!

The study is free to dealers who participated in the 2021 survey. To purchase a copy please click on one of the regions below or contact the Western Equipment Dealers Association office at 1-800-762-5616 (U.S.) or 1-800-661-2452 (Canada).

Webinar Replay: An In-Depth Review of the 2020 Cost of Doing Business Study

Understanding the current financial state of the farm equipment industry is crucial to establish benchmarks and comparisons for your dealership. Equipment Dealer Consulting LLC, the certified accounting firm affiliated with WEDA, has released the 2020 Cost of Doing Business Study, a financial and business operations study providing you with straightforward guidelines for analyzing the profitability of equipment dealerships including all brands across the United States and Canada.

Learn More About the Cost of Doing Business Study!

The CODB Study is published annually by Western Equipment Dealers Association and is one of the industry’s most valuable publications to equipment dealers and equipment dealer associations throughout North America. This respected study assesses the financial performance of equipment retailers who submit their confidential financial reports to the Equipment Dealer Consulting, LLC accounting team. The study presents composite income statements and balance sheets in addition to averages for key financial performance ratios for comparison to other dealers.

The 2021 Edition assesses the financial performance of equipment dealers who submitted confidential financial reports for 2020 to Equipment Dealer Consulting. Industry benchmarking data is provided to help establish dealership goals and budgets for future years, and it also assists in the valuation process of your business.

How to participate

The annual Study is made possible through the cooperation of the participating dealer associations and their equipment dealers who provide detailed financial and operational information for their individual companies. Questionnaires are emailed to all dealers in the participating association territories to collect detailed financial and operational information for the respective year. All completed questionnaires and financial reports were returned to Equipment Dealer Consulting, LLC., with the data being compiled by Curt Kleoppel, CPA, CVA, and his accounting team. All individual company responses are treated as strictly confidential.

Financial Statement Submission Deadline is July 30, 2021 for CODB Study.

For more information on the 2021 Cost of Doing Business Study or for more details on the specific results from other geographic areas of North America, please contact your local association office or contact Curt Kleoppel at or Lonnie Finch at

There are two ways to submit your financial:

  1. Submit financials through our secure online form that is sent directly to our team
  2. Submit by email or mail using the CODB Dealer form and Financial Spreadsheet form

Online Submission Form

CODB Dealer Form

Financial Spreadsheet Form

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