Legislative and Regulatory Actions

WEDA’s Government Affairs team makes sure dealers’ views are heard when legislative and regulatory issues are discussed. WEDA has represented equipment dealer interests to governments in Western Canada and the western United States for more than 115 years.

These are just some of the recent policy wins WEDA has negotiated on your behalf.

  • defeat of Right to Repair bills in Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas
  • development of Industry Commitment to proactively combat Right to Repair
  • successful Dealer Demonstrations across U.S. and Canada with Right to Repair Stakeholders
  • debated Right to Repair Advocates at Canadian Federation of Agriculture and stood up for farm equipment dealers
  • passed Idaho transportation bill exempting farm equipment dealers from oversize permitting due to width
  • passed Washington workforce development bill providing state matching funds for technician training
  • amended Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to include WEDA drafted language for Floor-Plan Interest deduction
  • defeated proposed elimination of farm equipment sales tax in Kansas and Oklahoma
  • defeated Increased property tax on farm equipment in Oregon
  • passed legislation to exempt delivery charges and fees from state sales and use tax in Missouri
  • passed competitive circumstances bill in Idaho providing dealers more protection from manufacturers
  • assisted numerous dealers in sales tax audits, resulting in hundreds of thousands remaining in the dealership
  • drafted and Introduced Federal bill to exempt equipment dealers from electronic logging device mandate
  • revised Saskatchewan Agricultural Implements Act to improve availability of parts and timeliness of delivery in the province
  • passed harvest and planting season bills in Oregon and Washington relating to ELD exemptions for dealers
  • passed oversize permitting transportation bill in Kansas

Government advocacy actions

Legislation and regulations that affect our industry are constantly changing. WEDA has a clear and consistent Government Affairs strategy to pursue favorable public policy outcomes and strengthen equipment dealer laws. 

We continually expand our state and provincial dealer advisory committees to monitor and provide guidance on legislation and regulatory developments. In turn, WEDA has become a trusted resource for policymakers.

Legislative monitoring

WEDA works with legislators and regulators across our Canadian and U.S. regions to stay current on issues that could impact an equipment dealer’s business.

Being informed before legislation and regulations are developed is crucial for the success of our industry. Our consistent, constructive approach is valued in the corridors of power and we are regularly consulted before changes are proposed.

Your WEDA Government Affairs team:

  • identifies legislative priorities that affect dealers
  • tracks and monitors legislation, including the introduction of bills and changes to existing regulations
  • works directly with agencies to help ensure laws and rules that support the success of your business operations.

Through these efforts, WEDA is recognized by federal, state and provincial governments as the voice of the dealer.

Regulatory compliance

Dealers want to run safe and profitable businesses that respect government regulations. Sometimes, though, these regulations can be complex and confusing. 

To help members gain a thorough understanding of all the rules and regulations affecting them, WEDA has gathered a wealth of regulatory information for dealers on our website. 

Need regulatory consulting?

If you need specialized regulatory advice or guidance for your business, WEDA’s industry partner, SES Inc., offers dealer members in-depth training and professional advice. Visit the SES website at to learn more. To discuss how SES can assist, contact Frank Bryant at (800) 897-1163 or at Be sure to mention the WEDA program when you call. If you have an emergency, SES’s 24-hour emergency number is (913) 530-2989.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Regardless of the size of your business, OSHA rules and regulations can apply to you. You may believe you’re doing everything right and protecting the safety of your employees, but a small event can trigger an OSHA inspection. When that happens, will you be ready? Western Equipment Dealers Association can assist in connecting you with an expert.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

As the size of the average equipment dealership grows, the likelihood increases that dealers will have to contend with EPA regulations. Western Equipment Dealers  Association recommends SES, Inc. to provide professional environmental services to members.

This arrangement represents the continuation of a mutually beneficial relationship between SES and WEDA. SES provides a staff of environmental professionals, each with years of experience in their areas of expertise. Their staff has worked extensively in the industrial, service areas and along the entire continuum of agricultural production. They are available to assist members with a complete line of environmental services.

Interested members may visit the SES website at to learn more. To discuss how they can assist, please contact Frank Bryant at (800) 897-1163, or by email at (SES’s emergency, 24-hour number is (913) 530-2989.) Be sure to mention the WEDA program when you call. 

Services Provided by SES Inc.

Environmental compliance, support, audits and mock inspections
We understand that you may not have the time to keep up to date on all the environmental regulations. Our staff can support you to ensure that you maintain compliance with these complex regulations. From used oil to universal waste, to spill plans, we can assist you in understanding and complying with the regulations.

Environmental audits enable you to identify potential areas of regulatory noncompliance. The audit will result in a list of findings with explanations regarding the regulatory requirements. The findings will be prioritized from the most significant (current non-compliance with a regulatory requirement) to least significant (best management practice). Our report will include a recommendation with each finding.

A mock inspection is similar to an audit. The difference is we will play the role of an EPA inspector and specifically identify potential violations of regulations. SES has several staff members with previous experience as EPA inspectors. This unique experience will be highly beneficial to you so you can learn how an inspection will be conducted and how to relate to regulators. You could look at a mock inspection as a valuable training opportunity.

Environmental plans

  • Storm water pollution prevention plans
  • Spill prevention and countermeasures plans (SPCC)

These are the two most common plans that WEDA members could need. We can visit your location and develop these plans as requested.

Waste reduction audits
Waste equals money lost. We can work with you to identify all waste streams and determine the best ways to reduce or eliminate the waste. Many facilities are now moving toward zero wastes disposed in landfills and saving money.

Environmental assessments for property transfers (Phase I and II)
Individuals that acquire property and have no knowledge of contamination at the time of purchase may be eligible for the “innocent landowner” (ILO) defense to Superfund liability if they conducted all appropriate inquiries prior to purchase and complied with other pre-and post-purchase requirements. Our environmental professionals can conduct Phase I and II environmental assessments to ensure that you understand the environmental liabilities of your acquisitions.

Environmental Investigation: soil, water, air
We are available to conduct complete investigations of environmental contamination including soil, sediment, surface water or groundwater. Our environmental professionals will conduct environmental investigations in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our staff is experienced in appropriate environmental remediation methods. If our remediation services are required we can work with you to determine the most cost-effective approaches to cleaning up the contamination.

Regulatory reviews and advice
Environmental rules and regulations change frequently. Our staff will assist you as environmental rules change and provide advice on how best to comply with new rules.

Many environmental regulations require training. Our professional trainers can work with you to provide the best training available using methods proven to be effective for adult learners.

EPA Compliance Advisory

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