Pursuing policies that support your success.

As an advocacy association, WEDA works tirelessly to advance the interests of our members. Every day, in everything we do, we never take our eyes off one essential question: will it help the dealer?

How do we do that?

  • WEDA represents the equipment dealer point of view to elected representatives
  • WEDA proactively lobbies on your behalf to introduce and advocate for legislative and regulatory frameworks and issues that will affect your business
  • WEDA works daily with federal, state and provincial governments, staff, legislators and many stakeholders in Canada and the U.S. on issues that impact dealer members

When you become a WEDA member, your support advances our advocacy work. In turn, our advocacy work helps your business.

Learn more about the four key areas where WEDA’s advocacy services helps your dealership stay current, informed and successful.


Current issues on WEDA’s radar

Here’s a quick digest of some of the ADVOCATE issues we’re working on right now.

Farm Machinery Sales Tax Exemption Bills

This issue has been active for WEDA for the last several years. Some state representatives in Kansas, Oklahoma and Oregon have been trying to eliminate sales tax exemptions. For an update on passed, pending and failed legislation, view WEDA’s June 2019 webinar.

Right to Repair

In 2018, the Right to Repair issue gained momentum. There were 19 bills introduced in 2018 and 17 states had bills introduced in 2019. What is important to note is that no bills have passed for Right to Repair to date.

WEDA’s education efforts have paid off. We’ve shown many legislators the pitfalls and unintended consequences of the legislation. Subsequently, WEDA has seen some states withdraw their support of the Right to Repair bills, a direct result of the advocacy WEDA is doing on this issue through our partnerships with agriculture bureaus, producer groups, stakeholders and policymakers.

In late-2018, WEDA introduced a Chipping Campaign in Canada and the U.S. that took on the risks and costs associated with chipping farm equipment with DPF or DEF Delete or EGR delete kits ((link to WEDA chipping)). In early-2019, WEDA was invited to speak on the chipping issue at the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) meeting.

WEDA continues to spread the message that while farmers have a right to repair their equipment – and may even chose to modify (or chip) equipment that they own – there are risks associated with taking these actions.

Vehicle ‘Lemon’ Laws

In order to qualify as a ‘lemon’ under most state laws, a vehicle must have a substantial defect that has not been able to be repaired after several attempts, and the defect occurs within a certain time (or mileage) from the purchase date.

Although new to a few U.S. states in 2019, several states have ‘Lemon’ Laws for agricultural equipment. The ‘Lemon’ Law does not extend a manufacturer’s warranty but does establish a one-year warranty period. It also creates the right for a customer to sue for damages or loss of use of equipment. It also creates an obligation for replacement or refund after multiple repair attempts. For more information on this issue, view this WEDA June 2019 webinar.

Data Privacy and Consumer Privacy Laws

Issues like data privacy, plus the associated risk of lawsuits and negative publicity, are becoming more important to manage in today’s business environment. In 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act was passed, and by the following year, 19 states introduced laws in this area.

WEDA believes this is an area that needs monitoring as it could be problematic for dealerships that have a lot of proprietary information to protect. Which provisions will create business obligations for dealers? View this WEDA June 2019 webinar to learn more.

Want a business solution to data privacy? Check out WEDA’s Data Security Program.

Agriculture Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

An electronic logging device (ELD) automatically records a vehicle engine’s driving time. As a part of the U.S. MAP-21 law of 2012, the ELD rule was introduced to improve commercial motor vehicle safety.

WEDA has been working on this for some time and has recently advocated to exempt equipment dealers from ELD provisions. There is good bipartisan support and strong primary support on this issue. WEDA is seeking co-sponsors to support the legislation and we have about 50 sponsors to date. WEDA’s advocates see this as something that could be successfully resolved in the next year or two.

Federal Tax Reform

WEDA is watching recent U.S. tax changes for Floor Plan Interest Amendment and Pass-Through Business Income. For information on this, and other issues, view this June 2019 webinar.

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