Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) believes that important communications and open dialogue between dealers, manufacturers and their associations is necessary in today’s business environment.

WEDA’s top priority is manufacturer relations. We recognize that the most important contract a dealer will sign is their dealer contract with an OEM. WEDA regularly communicates with OEMs on contractual and policy issues to ensure balance and fairness in the relationship.

Through one on one and group meetings through the Industry Relations Task Force (IRTF), issues of mutual concern for the betterment of the industry are regularly discussed. The discussions are conducted on a line-by-line basis as each OEM has separate market and competitive issues with their dealers. These discussions enable both parties to learn more about each other’s operations, which we hope leads to a higher level of trust and mutual respect between manufacturers and dealer associations.

The Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) fosters positive relationships between equipment dealers and their suppliers. WEDA views legislation that affect the dealer manufacturer as a last resort, and believes that similar, or harmonized legislation is in the best interests of the industry.

At the same time WEDA has developed a series of key principles that are important to dealers in their relationship with their various suppliers. These principles recognize key areas of the operating environment and are fundamental to the success of an independent dealership. To review the nine key principles CLICK HERE

Listen to this two-part podcast on the Dealer/Manufacturer Relations Nine Key Principles with John Schmeiser, WEDA CEO. 

Key Principles – Part 1 Key Principles – Part 2

WEDA is here to help manage the relationship between you and your manufacturers. We appreciate feedback from our members on issues that affect their businesses. Contact the Association office to discuss matters related to industry and/or manufacture relations.

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